Why do you need a proxy for 1C, and how to configure it correctly

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Companies that use 1C products often have to link the application to external resources, such as downloading current exchange rates or other data. It is better to use a personal proxy server to do everything safely, without the risk of receiving packages of malicious content in response to a request, and to cache the information from the Internet to use it inside 1C as needed.

This article explains how to choose a proxy for 1C and configure it so that everything works so that users or the administrator have no problems accessing the database and utilities.

How to choose a proxy for 1C

The most obvious advice for those who need a good proxy for 1C is to contact us at RSocks. But we will not limit ourselves and share the checklist to choose the best business proxy.

A high-quality proxy for 1C, which won't disappoint you at the crucial moment, meets the following set of requirements:

Private, shared and public options are not suitable for corporate needs because they are poorly protected against data leakage;

Suitable for geo, Therefore, before buying, make sure that the public IP proxy does not eligible for the blocking rules of the sites from which you will download data;

Has a good bandwidth, ping is a clear indicator of the speed of sending requests to the proxy and back again; the less it is — the better.

Choosing a proxy server and connecting it on your own, without understanding the operations of the technology, even if you have a small company and less than ten 1C users, is not the best idea. But after reading the article, everyone, even users who are very far from technology, will understand in general terms how and why to use proxies within workflows.

How to set up a proxy on 1C

Typically, in the package «1С: Enterprise» and other products of the line, proxy settings are installed in a browser by default on the workstation. Usually, it is not very convenient to approach the issue globally since this leads to the passage of all traffic from the browser through the proxy. It is not always necessary. But when you need it, it is easier and more convenient to use a VPN.

To use the proxy in 1C without affecting other applications, you will need more fine-tuning. To set up the proxy server version «1С: Enterprise» (31.03.20) and earlier ones:

1. Open the CONF directory in the Applications folder and find the inetcfg.xml file there. If it doesn't exist, create a new one.

2. Write the following code inside the file: <InternetProxy protocols="http=" user="Admin" password="Qwerty10" bypassOnLocal="true" bypassOnAddresses=" *. razd"/>

Instead of the addresses, username, and password given in the example, you, of course, write the ones that your proxy server provider gave you. For a better understanding of the code, let's look at what each of the parameters means:

● Protocols — type of the protocol used by the server (https, ftp);

● User и password — username and password of the

user for authorization on the server;

● bypassOnLocal — parameter that indicates for using the proxy server for

local addresses (true — not to apply, false — to apply);

● bypassOnAddresses — exception addresses by connecting to which traffic

will not be passing through the proxy server;

● Ntlm — authentication (true — not to apply, false — to apply).

Special offer from RSocks

We offer a proxy with geos of USA, India, United Kingdom, Russia for any tasks. Almost any service can be trialed and if something suddenly does not fit, order a refund.

You can find more instructions in the blog, and you can always contact our support service with specific questions about choosing and configuring proxies.


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