Server proxies

Server proxies expand the range of RSocks services to cover all customer requests.

Despite the fact that some ports (25, 2525, 587, 465, 2526) are closed on these proxy lists, these proxies are suitable for those tasks where high speed is required for unlimited traffic and maximum channel stability.

Our server proxy works on dedicated servers, which assure a stable uptime of 99.9% and the maximum possible data transfer speed.

  • 8 500 IPv4Classic IPv4 is applicable for all sorts of tasks. We support HTTP(S), Socks 4/5 protocols.
  • High speedThe servers are connected to 100 Мbit channels, we do not limit the speed of your work.
  • High uptimeWe watch the online of all servers, ensuring maximum availability.
  • Anonymity of elite levelThe servers do not indicate that they are proxying.
  • Locations on requestAt the moment, IP is available only from the USA and Germany, but on request we can connect other countries.
  • Additional advantagesAbility to work with proxy servers without authorization.

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USA Best2500$60$240Buy
Japan New1000$40$160Buy
Canada Soon2500Buy
United Kingdom Soon1000Buy


Server proxies are suitable only for white projects.It is strictly prohibited to violate usage rules is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of the rules, the service reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the customer service without the possibility of recovery.

Why should choose server proxies?

Skilled technical support via Jabber, Skype, Telegram, ICQ
1 hour moneyback guaranteed
Support for HTTP(S), Socks 4/5 network protocols.
Unlimited bandwidth on all tariffs
Always clean proxies. Lock 25, 2525, 587, 465, 2526 ports
Individual approach to each client

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If you do not know if our proxies are suitable for your needs or if you are not sure what to choose.
Contact us by email or via ticket support system in your personal dashboard.

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