Platinum proxy

Platinum proxy are executed on a new, improved kernel based on a SOCKS5 protocol. These proxies are not included in any black-lists and are intended for 'white' projects exclusively. In the near future, we are planning to add a http (s) protocols.

Features of the platinum proxy:

  • These are private proxiesPackages are given only to trusted and reliable customers, in a narrowly limited number of hands.
  • Updates in a real-time modeNon-working IP updates for 1 minute, maintaining a permanent online of the whole package.
  • GEO and amount by requestCurrently we offering a RU, UA and MIX packages up to 2000 proxies. If you need more options - we will provide that!
  • Proxy for 'white' projects
    • registraciones en servicios y redes sociales
    • verificación, análisis
    • Uso en instrumentos SEO y otros
  • Traffic and speed are not limitedWe do not limit programmatically either the speed channel or the total amount of traffic - work without restrictions.
  • Port restrictionsThe mail ports 25, 465 and 587 are closed. It will not work with mailings through these proxies.

As a result, platinum proxy are ideal for demanding quality customers for 'white' jobs.

Ask for a free test right now and make sure that these proxies are ideal for you!

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Paquetes online Fuentes máx. día Esperando mes
Platinum RU 1 1000 500 $30 $150 $600 Comprar Prueba por una hora
Platinum RU 2 2000 500 $50 $300 $1200 Comprar Prueba por una hora
Platinum UA > 500 500 $20 $100 $400 Comprar Prueba por una hora
Platinum MIX > 2000 500 $30 $200 $800 Comprar Prueba por una hora

Why is platinum proxy a good choice?

Proxies are only given to trusted and reliable customers
Priority technical support via Jabber, Skype, Telegram, ICQ
Devolución del dinero en el transcurso de 24 horas (excepto paquetes para un día)
Tráfico imitado en cualquier tarifa
Lock 25, 465 and 587 ports
Maximum using of proxy and absence in various black lists and other lists
SOCKS5 protocol support
Free testing during one hour
Enfoque individual para cada cliente

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