29 May

TwitchPack Weekly Rate for $ 30

Just several days ago we launched a special proxy package for Twich.tv and some of you might take it for testing and even buy the monthly package. We are trying to understand our customers, to find common language with them and create comfortable working conditions on both technical and financial side.

We added a weekly tariff to TwichPack for only $30!

We reminde you key fetures of the pack:

  • Online: 2500 IPs
  • Geo: World mix
  • Updating and adding up to 20-25% fresh IPs every hour
  • There are severe restrictions on 300 threads.
  • An hour free test on demand and additional 2 hours for feedback on the forum.

Dear customers, it's important to remember, there is a thread restriction and the package is supposed to maintain 200 viewers. Even if you run software which supports 500 threads, all extra threads will be cut down automaticly by the servers.


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