White Label

RSocks is one of the leaders in the world proxy market, providing a full range of services in the field of anonymity and security in the network. More than 30 people work on the service.

We offer you the possibility of a quick start to the business of selling our proxy services under your brand, based on the White Label model.

White Label definition on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Label

You will get:

  • Quick launch. You do not need to invest in the development of the service and spend a lot of time and money on it; In the shortest time you will launch your service for renting a proxy;
  • Branding. The service will be designed in your style and on your domain.
  • Finished infrastructure. You immediately get a platform in which all the important features for the convenience of the client's work with the proxy are implemented.
  • Update. Constant free update of the software core and the entire platform.
  • Support for many languages. Platform in Chinese, English and Spanish! What makes it possible to sell the product right away in many countries.
  • API. Your customers will have support for all APIs that we have in the system and upon a request we will add new ones.
  • Unique conditions for the price of packages
  • Professional Back-support

Your company must provide:

  • Marketing.
  • Customers support.
  • Payments receiving.


  • Support. If you do not cope with the flow of customers, you can connect our specialists to resolve issues with customers.
  • Payments receiving. We can also connect our payment systems to your service, what will let us be sending funds to you instead of you sending funds to us.

  • The proposal can be interesting to both current market players who expanding the range of services and increasing the quality of services, as well as for new companies
    entering the market. So many companies are already successfully working on the market this way!

    Also we can connect the following services for you by request: VPN, Personal proxy.

    Send the request today and you will be able to start your proxy service in the shortest time!

    Or maybe you have your own proxy and you do not want to bother with finding customers?

    Then just write to us and we can connect your proxy to our service, thereby creating a large flow of customers and income for you!

    All requests and suggestions are accepted on the mail - wl@rsocks.net

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    New VPN servers are started!

    ​From today, you can use servers in Czech Republic, Italy, Canada, Spain​ to work with VPN.

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    Personal proxies via login and password

    We created the possible to use proxy through authorization via login and password for working with personal proxies.

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    Personal Proxy: South Korea

    To work with personal proxies, a new server has been added, located in South Korea.

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    Happy Chinese New Year!

    RSocks congratulates all Chinese customers on the coming New Year!

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