22 Feb

Big update of YouTube Pack and Twitch Pack

Video services grab this world: for example, YouTube users spend about 28 minutes a day watching a video!

But increasing the audience for commercial purposes is a complicated process, so many experts use special services to boost views, likes and comments. And in this case, you can’t do this without a high-quality proxy for YouTube and a reliable proxy for Twitch.

We have carried out tests of our current packages for streaming video, have sorted out all the details and updated packages! Now the process of boosting views is faster and easier, and the indicators have increased several times!

Updated Youtube Pack:

Online: 1000 IP

Update: 100% every 5 minutes (!)

Max. stream: 300

Price: 10$ per hour | 20$ per day | 60$ per week | 200$ per month

Totally increased the uptime - now the user gets about 12,000 unique IP per hour.

Updated Twitch Pack:

Online: 4000 IP

Max. stream: 300

Price: 7$ per hour | 15$ per day | 45$ per week | 150$ per month

More information about the updated features and the cost of packs - in your account!

Mailing, brute, carding, phishing and any other illegal actions are prohibited in packages. Email distribution is also prohibited. If you need a proxy for mailings, use the special package Mail special.


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