18 Jul

Exclusive proxies are 60% faster!

Dear friends, we want to share with you excellent news: from today the speed of all exclusive proxy for all packages is increased by 60%!

Also, from the additional features to the site and in the personal account added the possibilitys:

  • Change the names of packages for you.
  • Changes of avatars of users in personal account.
  • Leave a request for a country of interest for you by personal proxy.

And for our friends from Asia : to increase the speed of browsing and surfing there was a complete translation of the site in Chinese.

All the improvements you can now see and test - RSocks.net

P.S. We are offering for our users a discount code: RSNEWS11, which gives a 100% discount to the purchase of a 2-hour package of World Mix 1. (Time of discount codes is limited, and will be ending 28.07.17.)

We wish everyone good luck in their work! Sincerely, RSocks.net


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