Editor of articles VK. What is it and how to use it?

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Recently, VKontakte, the most popular social network in Russia, has made editor of articles openly available. This is an interface that provides the ability to create articles for editors of "VC" groups and ordinary users. Outwardly, it is very similar to the editors of Facebook and Telegram.

The editor of the VKontakte network articles was announced back in September 2017, along with support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard, which allows embedding data from external resources. Quoting Sergei Paranko, director of the media ecosystem VK: "Summing up, we have three postulates. You are the author, not the SMM-manager. You are the author, not the developer. You are the author, not the person who sells the advertisement. Just post it. We will solve these three problems. "

The key question is whether to use the Vkontakte editor or express your thoughts in other blogs and integrate into "posts" or message, or do everything "in the old fashion", creating simple posts? Let's figure it out, but first I'll answer the question - what is SMM? Literally deciphering, this is "Marketing in Social Networks", that is, the ability to make beautiful, attractive and interesting things to attract customers. SMM is a whole profession, in demand and not easy to learn. I hope you understand. Now let's get down to the main thing.

What can you do with the new BK function in comparison with the usual messages:

  • Format the text, highlighting it in italics, boldface or strikethrough parts, and change the size to the other two.
  • Insert between the lines video, images and GIF-animated images, and not just complement them with "post".
  • Write large volumes of text (up to 70,000 characters compared to 15,895 characters of the post).
  • Less chance of loss of work - the editor keeps the draft after 2 seconds from the beginning of the text change.
  • Deep statistics are available, useful for analyzing the article.

"According to such received data, one can understand what and where in the article it was worth remaking"

However, there are disadvantages:

  • Ordinary posts are easier to create. Moreover, for a news public couple of thousands of characters on the post will suffice with a head.
  • The availability of the post increases the popularity of the group. Long texts are partially hidden in news tapes and on walls, but their beginning appears as an "annotation" for reading, which is why users are more likely to pay attention to them than to refer to articles that still need to be translated.

"An example of an" annotation "of a text"

Any post also has statistics of likes, reposts and views, which is quite enough for analysts.

Minus the usual post - there is no deep reading analytics. It is impossible to understand whether the reader is interested in the interest from the beginning to the end of the post or not.

And in comparison with wiki markup, which is created on behalf of public pages, the pros are certainly weighty:

  • The article is written from itself, and not from some public. This means that it belongs only to you and you can edit it ONLY you, and not at least the leaders of the group.
  • The article is easy to create - clicked a couple of buttons and you write, without problems like "oh, I accidentally clicked there, the text was gone." And proceeding from the first point, you can not forget and incorrectly put access to the wiki page, which can lead either to the fact that no one will read it, or users will "supplement" the text with their own thoughts, and so is not intended.

But in comparison with external blogs and sites, the integrated editor loses very much:

  • You can advertise in your blog, which brings in revenue.
  • Filling the content of your site-blog is much more profitable. You increase the traffic of the site - it is better indexed in the search - you can claim more profitable advertising.
  • Placement of advertising and design as you please.
  • On your website you are a king and a god in one person, and therefore you decorate it as you wish, and write about almost anything. In this case only the laws of the country, without an addition in the form of the administration of Vkontakte, act as frames.

But there is a minus - a unique site requires maintenance costs, and free though convenient, but does not provide a unique address by adding the name of the hosting after your name to the address bar. And there is a chance that the site will be hacked, although Vk may, but the probability is much lower. It's also worth remembering that Vkontakte is adapted for all smartphones, and for the site it needs to be done separately.

Despite the cons, Wk articles are read conveniently. The presence of the function "night mode" is a useful trifle for the reader. Also, you can add an article to the bookmarks to read later.

Summing up all the above, the innovation of the social network "VKontakte" is useful and convenient for beginning bloggers or ordinary users without the skills of SMM and the availability of their website or blog, but wanting to share their thoughts and knowledge with other people in a friendly manner.


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